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About Us


The name is born out of a combination of two words “Simplify” and “Advisors”, thus meaning “Advisors who simplify”. We believe that making intelligent financial decisions is complicated for lay people as they have to make sense of a lot of “financial jargon”. There is a strong need for Advisors who can help them simplify the process of understanding and executing these vital decisions.


The Logo

We wanted our logo to showcase “Simplicity”. The two diagonal brackets signify two supporting hands joining together, providing you all our support for the trust you put in us. It solidifies the notion that when we join hands as a team, we can successfully navigate the seemingly arduous path of Financial Investments. This is what our logo depicts. We put you first and understand your needs as a trusted friend who is simple, helpful & reliable.


The Company

“Simplifysors”, a venture of “LEARNNGROW DISTRIBUTORS PRIVATE LIMITED.” was started in 2014 from a small room in Mohali, Punjab. Today, the company along with its distributors offers its services in about 20 cities in North India across the states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh.


With 20+ sales people, 5 behind the scene personnel (back office soldiers), a complete research team and a Mentor, we are now a team of 30+ individuals working towards one single vision.

The Team

Know our Journey


It took us 1 month to acquire our first customer. The journey has been tough and full of excitement since then. We closed the first year with 5 Crore of AAUM and 40 clients. The second-year was better in terms of numbers, both for AAUM and clients and importantly the Team Size. Year 2 ended with 130 clients and 10 Crore of Total AAUM. By this time we were a team of 10. In the third year, we made the most important decision of having an in-house research team. This coupled with expansion in distributor network and moving from paper-based transactions to IT-based transactions we were able to close the year at 30 Crore of AAUM with 250+ clients. We launched our Mobile App in our fourth year with 400 clients on board at a total of 50 Crore of AAUM. Today, we are a strong family of 1400+ clients with 105 Crore of AAUM. It looks better and satisfying now after 7+ years of the journey but there are miles to go before we rest.

50% of our transactions today are paperless, and we aim to take it to 100% in the next 2 years. Though we want to go completely paperless as soon as possible, we have a large customer base in rural areas where AMC branches are not available. These customers find it more reassuring to sign a cheque. The goal of 100% paperless transactions requires us to first educate all our customers, and then introduce them to paperless transactions.

The Vision & The Mission

To be a Reliable Investment Advisor to every Indian.

The Vision

We want to be a brand which is synonymous with Mutual Funds – both Online and Offline. We plan to have a distributor force of 500+ in the next 5 years, with majority of them operating in the semi-urban and rural areas of North India. We will help Urban Investors join the world of Investments

The Mission

The Research Process


Financial planning isn’t just about putting your money where it will get the best return – it’s about making sure your money can help you have the life that you’d like, whether that’s to provide security for you and your family, allowing you to take the holiday of a lifetime, or giving you the retirement you’ve dreamt of and worked for. With Simplifysors, managing your financial life just got easier, better organized, accessible, up-to-date, and adaptable to your changing needs and emerging priorities.

Financial Advice. Simplified.

We at Simplifysors believe that Investing is not a “one time activity”, but it is evolutionary, continually adapting to the ongoing changes in your life, your resources and the financial decisions you need to consider. It has to be customized to your objectives, priorities and values. At Simplifysors it is comprehensive and integrated, capable of addressing a wide range of financial circumstances and concerns.

Choosing the right funds from over 8000+ funds is complicated

We do this for you through a disciplined investment process

We pick funds with care and without blas

We monitor and review our selection periodically

We watch out for taxes and exit loads

We help you keep sight of your goals

Financial Planning is not easy, get Free Expert Advice on how to manage your finances & achieve your goals. (only for the first 50 queries in the day)


Money is one of the most important factors which make us work every day, but when it comes to investments we tend to pay minimal attention to it. We take it as just another day to day activity, not because we don’t Value our money, but because it is not an easy world out there when it comes to investing. The confusion starts from opening a saving bank account and continues throughout life. Why can’t it all be SIMPLE. With this thought process “Simplifysors” was born.

The Thought

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