How to Calculate Mutual Funds Returns – SIP and Lumpsum Investments

There are two methods for purchasing mutual funds. Either a lump sum investment or a systematic investment plan (SIP) can be used to invest in sip online. You would all want to invest in mutual funds that can provide expected returns whether you are investing in mutual funds through a lump amount, SIP, or a combination of the two methods.

But have you ever pondered how returns on mutual funds are determined? Do lump sum investments and recurring investments have different calculations? The original investment and redemption dates must be taken into consideration when calculating the returns of mutual funds.

You will examine the various approaches to calculating mutual fund returns in this article.

Lumpsum Investment for Mutual Funds: What is it?

An individual’s one-time investment in a mutual fund scheme is referred to as a lump sum investment. Investors that have a significant amount of extra cash on hand and a healthy appetite for risk choose lump sum investments.

Lumpsum Calculator: What is it?

Using the lumpsum calculator, we can determine the maturity amount of a current investment based on the number of years that it has been made. It accounts for the anticipated rate of return at which the investment will increase over time.

Calculating the total sum you would get at maturity after investing capital in a mutual fund is simple with Simplifysors’s Lumpsum Calculator. It is sufficient to enter the initial investment amount, the number of years for which the money will be invested, and the estimated rate of return. Your ultimate maturity amount will be provided by this.

In order to determine the worth of your current investment, you can also enter the total amount you hope to make along with your investment horizon and estimated rate of return. When you are creating a financial plan for your retirement, your children’s schooling, etc., this is useful.

SIP: What is it?

Regular small-dollar investments in mutual fund schemes are made as part of a systematic investment plan (SIP) at predetermined intervals. If a monthly instalment is paid and redeemed on a specific day, the returns for each SIP investment will vary depending on how long it is held.

You effectively purchase units of the mutual fund scheme depending on its Net Asset Value on that certain day of the month when you invest via SIP. You receive the sum equal to the number of units you own times the mutual fund’s NAV on the day of redemption when you redeem your investment.

How can I calculate the returns on my mutual fund SIP?

We utilize XIRR (Extended Rate of Return) to project the total rate of return on the invested amount when calculating mutual fund returns for SIP-style investments.

The term “XIRR” describes the combination of several CAGRs for each SIP investment. Instead of verifying the CAGR for each investment you make via SIP personally, it is preferable to utilize a SIP calculator for this.

Through the use of Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) and Systematic Withdrawal Plans, it is also beneficial when there are erratic cash flows (SWP). It provides a consolidated return value while taking into account the complexity of all investments and withdrawals.

A SIP Calculator Online: What is it?

The returns on your SIP investments may be calculated with the use of a sophisticated and simple instrument called a SIP Calculator online. You may use this to estimate how much money you will need to put aside each month in order to achieve your goal. It’s a practical tool for accomplishing your financial objectives quickly. By providing a few simple facts, you can quickly determine the projected returns on your investment.

Use of our SIP Calculator Online Benefits
  • Better planning for your mutual fund SIP investments
  • At the conclusion of the SIP duration, get an estimate of the entire worth of your assets
  • Save time on laborious computations and get reliable outcomes.
Wrapping Up

Our goal at Simplifysors is to make your whole investment experience profitable with our SIP Calculator online. Whether you are just starting out in life or are a seasoned professional, consistent financial planning and investment will help you increase your wealth. Leave the pressure of lump-sum investments behind with a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and start with smaller, more manageable amounts at regular intervals when you invest in sip online.


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