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How to read the statement of your online mutual fund investment?

Understand your portfolio and the asset class in which you have made your online mutual fund investment to the best of your ability. A risk-reward analysis and a review of previous returns should be carried out before making an online mutual fund investment decision. Performance analysis of your financial accounts should be performed to determine the performance of your assets. When planning to invest in direct mutual funds online, you can look at the mutual fund account statement to see how well your schemes are doing in comparison to the market.

What does a mutual fund statement contain?

In a mutual fund statement of your online mutual investment, you’ll find all of the information on the investments you’ve made in different mutual fund schemes. It gives detailed information and a summary of the returns on your investment.

How To Obtain Online Mutual Fund Statements?

It is possible to acquire statements for individual mutual fund accounts directly from the fund house, or to request a Consolidated Account Statement (CAS) from the registrant or a Depository, respectively. It provides a complete view of all your assets, which you may use to make business decisions. Simplifysors as a leading mutual fund distributor in India also provides seamless delivery of the consolidated mutual fund statement to the mutual fund investors on its website.

Critical Terms That You Need To Understand In A Mutual Fund Statement

The Consolidated Account Statement (CAS)Mutual fund companies provide you with an electronic blueprint that describes the performance of your money in various schemes over various periods, as well as any account changes, including redemptions, investments, and dividends received. Based on the performance of the various funds, you can decide to invest in mutual funds online that have provided the maximum results.

Folio number

Your mutual fund investment is identified by a unique identification number, which can be mostly found at the top of the page in the investment statement. This one-of-a-kind number can be used to keep track of all of your various online mutual fund investments.


Usually, a checkmark will appear next to this field if the principal owner has designated a nominee to receive the funds in the event of their death. The identity of the nominee is not shown on the statement to protect your mutual fund account.


This section includes the name of the company to whom you transferred your funds. In the absence of such an agency, the option will be shown as “Direct” instead.

Transaction details

In this section, which serves as the focal point of your investment report, you will be presented with facts that may be used to evaluate previous decisions and make smart decisions in the future.

Personal details

In addition to your personal information such as your name, address, PAN number, email ID, and mobile number, you can acquire information about your nominee/investor by filling out the online form. Obtaining information on joint holders is another option you have.

Investment details

This section covers all of the information you need to know about your purchase. Specifics about your investment scheme, such as its structure, number of units purchased, net asset value (NAV), the current value of the units, and dividends earned are provided.

Bank account and broker information

Bank and brokerage account information is found here. Upon plan redemption, the monies will be transferred to the bank account listed below. Data about the broker from which you purchased the programme is included in this portion of the page.

Details about the scheme’s load

Detailed analysis of the allocation of wealth and performance metrics for various funds may be found in this section. All of these specifics can be included in future investment strategy formulation.

Simplifysors is the leading mutual fund distributor in India that provides the best online mutual fund investment options.

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