The Journey so far

It took us 1 month to acquire our first customer. The journey has been tough and full of excitement since then. We closed the first year with 13 Million of AAUM and 70 clients. The second year was better in terms of numbers, both for AAUM and clients and importantly the Team Size. Year 2 ended with 220 clients and 65 Million of Total AAUM. By this time we were a team of 10. In the Third year we made the most important decision of having an in-house research team. This coupled with expansion in distributor network and moving from paper based transactions to IT based transactions we were able to close the year at 350 Million of AAUM with 650+ clients. It looks better and satisfying now after 3+ years of journey but there are miles to go before we rest.

50% of our transactions today are paperless, and we aim to take it to 100% in next 2 years. Though we want to go completely paperlessas soon as possible, we have a large customer base in rural areas where AMC branches are not available. These customers find it more reassuring to sign a cheque. The goal of 100% paperless transactions requires us to first educateall our customers, and then introduce them to paperless transactions.