The Research Process

Financial planning isn’t just about putting your money where it will get the best return – it’s about making sure your money can help you have the life that you’d like, whether that’s to provide security for you and your family, allowing you to take the holiday of a lifetime, or giving you the retirement you’ve dreamt of and worked for. With Simplifysors, managing your financial life just got easier, better organized, accessible, up-to-date, and adaptable to your changing needs and emerging priorities.

Financial Advice. Simplified.

We at Simplifysors believe that Investing is not a “one time activity”, but it is evolutionary, continually adapting to the ongoing changes in your life, your resources and the financial decisions you need to consider. It has to be customized to your objectives, priorities and values. At Simplifysors it is comprehensive and integrated, capable of addressing a wide range of financial circumstances and concerns.

Choosing the right funds from over 8000+ funds is complicated

We do this for you through a disciplined investment process

We pick funds with care and without blas

We monitor and review our selection periodically

We watch out for taxes and exit loads

We help you keep sight of your goals